Marques Soares 2020
JEF FW19.20
Rüga FW.19.20
Punto Collection FW.19
Philomena FW.19
AS by Sónia Araújo FW19.20
DosGalgos SS.19
Marques Soares | FW.19.20
Rufel FW19
Liber Jeans | FW.19
Pooze | FW.19
Gianni Kavanagh | Switzerland - Matterhorn Zermatt
Elisabeth Moments FW.19
Catarina Martins FW19.20
Marques Soares | Digital Edit
Code - Summer Collection 2019
AS | Be Woman SS 19
JJ Heitor Shoes SS19
Marques Soares | Digital Edit
Pierlorenzo SS19
AS | Be Young SS 19
Bus Urban Wear SS.19
Rufel | SS.19
Elisabeth Moments SS.19
Rüga SS.19
Pooze | SS.19
Liber Jeans | SS.19
Punto Collection SS.19
Pierlorenzo SS19
Philomena SS.19
FourSoul SS.19
Michaela Louisa SS.19
SMK DENIM&Co New Collection 2018.19
Bus Urban Wear FW18.9 Collection II
Elisabeth Moments FW.18
Piermont FW18.19
FourSoul Winter 18.19
Gianni Kavanagh | Brad Skelly
AS | Be Woman FW 18.19
Pooze | FW 18.19
DosGalgos FW.18/19
Liber Jeans | FW.18/19
Bus Urban Wear FW18.9 Colection
Punto Collection FW 18.19
FourSoul FW.18.19
A M A - T E by Eugenio Campos Jewels | Sonia Araujo
AS | Be Young FW 18.19
Fly Girl | FW 18.19
Rufel | OI.18.19
Viadutto SS.18
Micaela Oliveira | Cannes La Croisette 18
Miguel Vieira FW_19.Collection
Code - Summer Collection 18
Gianni Kavanagh | Stephen James
FourSoul SS.18
Rüga SS.18
Bus Urban Wear SS18
Elisabeth Moments SS.18
DosGalgos SS.18
AlphaMoment SS. 2017
FourSoul SS.18
Pierlorenzo SS18
Chiessy SS.18
Miguel Vieira SS_18.Collection
Pooze | SS 18
Make Money Not Friends
All Must Art | SS.18
Rufel | SS.18
Editorial Mag Noivas de Portugal | Jogos de Luz
One Watch Company - Make Your Christmas
Rufel | By Ruben Rua
FourSoul Flash FW.17
Monica Jardim | FourSoul
Scusi FW.17.18
Ferrache FW.17.18
Miguel Vieira FW_18.Collection
Helfri | Jose Maria Oliveira - Costureiro
Ana Sousa | FW 17.18
Ewa & Me - FW.17
Fly Girl | FW.17
FourSoul FW.17
Elisabeth Moments FW.17
Bus Urban Wear FW11.18
Pooze FW.17/18
Rufel | OI.17
Liber Jeans | FW.17/18
Editorial Mag Noivas de Portugal | Bosque Encantado 17
Swallow Collection | SS.17
Miguel Vieira FW_17.Collection
Saroni UOMO | Pedro Perestrelo
Foursoul Flash Summer.17
Swallow Collection | Weapon of Seduction
Tiago Lobo | Guimanos
Stilissimo | SS.17
Swallow Collection | SS.17
Miguel Vieira Eyewear Collection.17
Ana Sousa | SS.Collection.17
Bus Urban Wear SS17 | Part II
Ewa & Me - Summer Collection 17
Liber Jeans SS.17
Swallow Collection | Rebel or Nice?
One Watch Company | Mother's Day
Eugenio Campos Jewellery Collection
Pooze | SS.17
Gentlemen On The Road | Mag #1
Bus Urban Wear SS17 | Part I
Rufel | SS.17
Ferrache SS.17
Chiessy SS.17
Fly Girl | SS.17
Marques Soares ss.17
FourSoul SS.17
Viadutto SS.17
Tifosi Eyewear Collection
Bluebird Magazine
Elisabeth Moments FW.16
Scusi | FW.16.17
Bluebird Magazine
Gio Rodrigues Wedding 2017
Origem | FW.16.17
Bluebird Magazine
Micaela Oliveira Secret Garden
Rufel by Mariana Monteiro - Fall_Winter_16.17
Ferrache FW16.17
Viadutto FW.17
Rufel by Leonor Poeiras
Ana Sousa | Be Woman FW 16.17
Rufel | FW16
Fly Girl | FW 16.17
Pooze | FW 16.17
Ana Sousa | Be Young FW 16.17
Punto Collection FW | 16.17
Bus Urban Wear FW16
Chiessy | FW16.17
Liber Jeans FW_16.17
Batucada USA
Iora Lingerie
Miguel Vieira - Men´s Collection - Fall_Winter 16.17
Marques Soares - Special Summer.16
Bus Urban Wear SS16
Marques Soares SS.16 by Célio Dias
AS | Be Young SS.16
Throttleman SS.16
Viadutto SS.16
Guimanos SS.16
Rufel by Mariana Monteiro SS.16
Saroni Uomo SS.16
Minimal Sophistication | Ana Sousa SS.16
Bus Urban Wear SS16
Liber Jeans SS.16
Throttleman Kids | SS.16
Ferrache | SS16
Ana Sousa BW | SS16
Origem | SS16
Chiessy | Ss16
Pooze | Ss16
Rüga | SS16
Ana Sousa EyeWear | SS16
Helfri | Jose Maria Oliveira - Costureiro
Rufel | SS16
Pierlorenzo SS|16
Editorial Mag J @Cristiana Pranto
Christmas is Coming to Micaela Oliveira
Editorial Mag J @Liliana Faria
Rufel Collection | FW 15.16
Beatriz Brandão_Shoes | SS16
Miguel Vieira Eyewear | Summer - 2016‬
âme moi | Handbags
Hélio Martins - Black & White | Portrait | Underwear
Ana Sousa | FW 15.16
CHIESSY | FW 15.16
Throttleman Boxer Shorts FW | 15.16
Ferrache FW 15.16
Bus Urban Wear FW 15.16
Punto Collection FW 15.16
RÜGA | Fall_Winter | Flash Collection 15/16
AS | Be Young FW 15.16
Pablo Daniel Osvaldo - Takeshy Kurosawa FW 16
Pooze | FW 15
Miguel Vieira Men Collection | FW 15/16
RÜGA | Fall_Winter 15/16
FLORIANÓPOLIS | Lion of Porches
Rufel by Mariana Monteiro
Beto Goalkeeper Sevilha FC - Seven Sins |15
Bluebird - Watches & Jewels
Marques Soares SS|15
Ferrache SS 15
Ricardo Quaresma - Takeshy Kurosawa SS 15
Bus Urban Wear SS | 15
Ana Sousa SS 15 | Be Young Collection
BW Chic SS/15
Editorial Mag J @Diana Liu
Bus Urban Wear SS | 15
Liber Jeans | SS 2015
Ana Sousa SS 2015
HAV-VAH Jewelry
Pooze | SS 15
Editorial Mag J @Mariana Sousa
Celine Brink | FV women's collections
Lion Of Porches | Wien
Gatto Jewellery | 13
AS | Be Young SS 14 Minimal Spirit
Editorial Mag J @Ana Isabel
Bus Urban Wear - Seventy2Jeans Co | SS14
Joseanne | Portrait
Rufel by Mariana Monteiro
FR | The Lovers & Snowers
Katia Muller | FV women's collections
Absolut Joy | Have fun with style
Raquel Prates | Zadar
Porto Fashion Film Festival 2014
Sofia Ribeiro | Minimal Project 2014
Malva Women's Collection FW14
Vitor Baía Goalkeeper | Portrait
Ferrache FW 14/15
Ricardo Quaresma - Takeshy Kurosawa FW 14/15
Editorial Mag J @‎Elodie Bonis
Jackson Martínez - Takeshy Kurosawa FW 14/15
Origem - FW 14/15
Bus Urban Wear - Seventy2Jeans Co 2014/15
Ana Sousa - Fall Winter 14/15 Women's Collection
Dielmar SS 2013
Mariana Monteiro by Eugénio Campos
Miguel Vieira Fall Winter 2014 Lookbook
Ana Sousa - Fall Winter 14/15 Be Young Collection
Lion of Porches Kids
Letícia Birkheuer | Ana Sousa Be Woman Collection
MS Store Cover Mag Autumn Winter 2014/15
Miguel Vieira Men Collection
Rufel - SS 13/14
Editorial Mag J @Daniela Silva
BW CHIC FW 14.15
Gatto Jewellery
Maria de Medeiros | Gio Rodrigues Jewellery Collection
Milena Cardoso | W52 Jeans
Editorial Mag J @ Raquel Acosta
LONDON STORIES | Lion of Porches
Lion of Porches | Spring Summer 2013
Dielmar FW Men's Collection
FR | SS Women's Colletion
Amanda Wellsh | AS Women's Collection - W Barcelona
Atelier Joana Montez & Patrícia Melo Wedding Collection
Miguel Viana Portrait 2013
Ferrache SS 13/14
MARRAKESH Travelling by jeep | Lion of Porches
Ricardo Trepa | Dielmar
Saroni Uomo Ceremony Collection
PM Collection
Companhia das Noivas
Gio Rodrigues Jewellery Diamonds & Gold
Ana Sousa - Fall Winter 13/14 Be Woman Collection
Ana Sousa - Fall Winter 13/14 Be Young Collection
Miguel Vieira Eyewear Collection
Editorial Mag J @Leticia Santos
Saroni Men's Collection 2011
THE GPA News 2014
Best Models Agency Calendar
Lion of Porches FW 2012
Ana Sousa - FW - Be Young 2012
Editorial Mag J @Barbara Gomes
Miguel Vieira Eyewear Collection
Gatto Jewellery Collection
Paulo Brandão SS - 14 Shoes Collection
Minimal Project Italy - 2013
Rufel FW14.15
Pete Tha Zouk - 2012
Gatto Jewellery
Dielmar FW 2013
El Niño Surf Wear
Dielmar SS 2012
Editorial Mag J @Lenka Vidiecanova
Ana Sousa | SS 14
Ana Sousa | Spring Summer 2014
AS Be Young | SS 2013
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